You can enjoy full season at Japanese garden.
Camellia Cherry blosson, Wistaria and Sweet flag are for Spring.
Crape myrtle is for Summer.
Red leaves of maple are for Autumn.
Camellia is for Winter.

Enjoy not only staying overnight,
but also having a committee, party and banquet.
You can enjoy from small group to big party(120 people are limited)

Click your interest item.

To the banquet (from small group
to big party)

After playing golf, business trip

We are proud of our meal that is fresh in season.

What a close from Tokyo(just an hour by express)

There are lots of golf courses and
famouse histric interest

Yamatoya-ryokaniJapanese sightseing hotel leaguej
519 mobara mobara-shi Chiba-ken

Representative director
Mr. Toshio Adachi